Wahrhaftigkeit als Gebot der Stunde
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Truthfulness matters. In personal relationships honesty is often a little complicated because it may involve the timing of when something difficult is said. And usually there is no need for everything to be said. In public life, for example in commerce, there are secrets because some things are private, and there may be need for discretion, for example, so as not to create misunderstanding. Not everyone has a right to know everything. If they insist, they may be lied to or otherwise misled. But it is not alright, in political life or in journalism, to peddle untruths and distortions on the grounds that this is all to a good end. Any more than it is alright to tell lies for personal or career advantage. In US law there is a principle of discovery. If you conceal relevant facts in court, or present them late, you have lost - even if this is not quite perjury. Truth also involves relevance, i.e. contextualisation. Failure to provide essential context amounts to misinformation, even if what is said is technically true. The penalty for serious or persistent untruthfulness must be for the perpetrator to be excluded from discourse, which may also mean ineligibility for election or losing the right to exercise a profession. In the Corona-induced crisis, almost all politicians and many journalists have been guilty of bare-faced misrepresentation on a scale that amounts to blatant lying. When it is over, they must be called to account individually and pay a penalty.

Power is embedded in human society, not less than empathy or love. Often, due to misplaced morality or modesty, good people fail to use the power that they have. Others seek power obsessively. It is essential to recognise and disable the mechanisms that enable power to be concentrated. Again & again, power must be dispersed, which means returned to individuals thinking for themselves and to communities seeking to live in harmony.

No-one can excel at everything. So seek out a place in society which plays to your strengths. No-one is responsible for everything, but everyone is responsible for something. Empathy, compassion and love are finite: they are limited resources which need to be well-directed. Do not squander them by imaginations, for example, on the narratives which are prominent in the public domain.

Each virtue has a shadow, which is vice. Many virtues must bide their time. One can be hard-working every day, but not every day presents an occasion for courage. Even authenticity must often take a back seat, otherwise it reverts to egoism. There is a time to be done with patience, or composure. These are matters of insight, but also of judgement. Good judgement and good timing may be learnt from experience or introspection, but also from acute observation of human affairs.

Respect is a two-edged sword. It also means holding others to account when they fail to measure up to what a human being should be. ......

Beauty - Intricate value of an experience or phenomenon, independent of its utility. .......