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Since 2020 an unprecedented attack has been under way on what remained of liberal democracy. FuzzyD was conceived over many years as a mechanism for an electoral democracy such that each citizen could register their voice meaningfully if necessarily imperfectly (hence “fuzzy”), with each vote counting through a system of vote recycling. The principle is that voting should have much more precision while not becoming onerous. An underlying principle is to work against the concentration of power, as typically occurs when political parties become dominant.

Meanwhile even the rule of law and freedom of expression, which themselves are the preconditions for electoral democracy, are in grave danger. The “liberal democracies” of the West are no longer either liberal nor democratic.

In this historically unique situation, the establishment of FuzzyD can be only one of many corrective measures which, at present, we seem powerless to demand.

Those in positions where they could make a difference have failed massively to demonstrate any moral fibre. Consequently, our checks & balances have been removed.

Ways of reinforcing and – now – restoring moral fibre, or – if you like – “moral capital,” were the subject of my 2015 book in German: Klasse Verantwortung. See

At a more general level FuzzyD is about greater power for the ballot box.

If we, as defenders of the Enlightenment, ever regain the upper hand, one corrective desperately needed is that of democratic deselection. Not only for political representatives, but for any who have abused their authority, whether by acquiescing in obvious lies and absurdities, or else in the targeted repression of those speaking out for truth and decency.

In particular, any judge or head of police whose record is less than perfect must submit to scrutiny in the ballot box. Whereas there is much to be said against election to such positions, there are sound arguments for a deselection ballot by a well-informed citizenry, possibly with cancellation of acquired pension rights and substantial wealth.

Many others have been worse, betraying everything that our various nations have constructed and defended over the centuries. This is treason, and the time-honoured penalty for treason must be restored.

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