How to vote in a fuzzy democracy

The detailed thinking behind Fuzzy Democracy is explained elsewhere. This article presents the process from the perspective of the ordinary voter.
The core principle of Fuzzy Democracy is that you vote for a person whose outlook is very close to your own and who you consider to be of good judgement and character. For this to be possible, there must be a very high number of candidates. A second principle is that every vote counts in one way or another. You never have to vote for the second best candidate, let alone for the least bad.

... You might marry one of the people proposed to you by a local matchmaker. Or you might find someone yourself from your locality. Either might work out well, and both better than a forced marriage. But if either works out less than well, divorce, and look this time further afield, widen your horizon, network, go internet and do not settle for the least bad option.

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